Bentz Music Studio

"Keyboard Blast Off"camp provides groups of 4-5 students with a one-week introduction to piano, from the basics of keyboard layout to reading simple music - all in five days of two-hour afternoon sessions!

  • No keyboard or piano needed at home - all materials and instruments provided at sessions
  • Two keyboards with headphones, acoustic piano, iPad music apps, and group games ensure that students are engaged at all times
  • Material presented in multiple learning styles for appeal to all types of learners. At the keyboard and "off the bench" learning activities!
  • Newest technology and methods, including Piano Maestro app, note reading apps, and Piano Pronto method 
  • Exploration of composition concepts
  • Students grouped by age, with younger and older beginners in separate camps
  • Small groups provide great interaction with experienced teacher and other students
  • Camp students given priority sign up for Fabulous Friday group lessons in 2016-2017

Keyboard Olympics Camp is a fast-paced, energetic, and fun run through many musical concepts and ideas. Would your student like to try the Note Name Catapault? Or perhaps the Pool Noodle Rhythm RaceWould learning combined with water relays or giant squirt guns have some appeal? I thought so! Keyboard Olympics Camp is suitable for any student with at least one year of study, up to intermediate levels; and ages 7 to 12. Camp is limited to 6 students.

Keyboard Blast Off Camp is scheduled for  June 13th - 17th, 1 pm to 3 pm but other times are available as long as requested by 2 or more students. Camps of 2 students may be condensed into four days.   Keyboard Olympics Camp held 10 am to noon July 25th - 29th. Groups of at least four are required for Olympics Camp to be scheduled. Informational interview required before signup.

All materials and instruction provided, $100 per camper. Discount of 5% if signed up at least 4 weeks before camp, another 5% discount if you refer a friend who signs up! Additional discount for Blast Off if camp is condensed to four days. 50% deposit to reserve space. Online payment available if needed.