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Adult Students - Valued and Encouraged

Friday, July 10, 2015 by Andrea Bentz | High School and Adult

Adult Students = Valued Music Partners

Adults, consider keyboard/piano lessons! I know how adults considering piano lessons can think:

  • There’s not enough time
  • I will be terrible at the piano
  • Lessons will be intimidating
  • I don’t care for classical music
  • I don’t have a piano

 I totally understand these thoughts and many more that discourage adults from trying piano lessons. However, lessons for adults are vastly different than children’s lessons! For example:

  • Your needs and ambitions are primary. You will learn the music you love. You can even learn only the part of the piece that you love best!
  • My methods will get you through the basics quickly
  • You will create improvised music in a style you like from the first lesson
  • We will focus on the positive
  • You can record any part of the lesson. Need to remember exactly how your fingers should fit on the keys in the passage? We will video or snap a picture!
  • You can start on a keyboard and continue to use a good-quality keyboard if you wish

Research shows that there is nothing better for the brain than piano study! Using both hands on the keyboard to produce music engages every part of the brain. There are few efforts as satisfying as producing beautiful music, either. You will find the time to practice as you learn music you enjoy. Making music is good for the soul and great for the brain, too!

Adults can stop in for a conversation about lessons and their music goals, free of charge. I’d be happy to see you!