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Introducing the 50 Day Practice Challenge!

  Monday, July 13, 2020 by Andrea Bentz | Practice

This challenge will start August 3 and finish at fall break. There are more than 50 days in this time period, so there is a little wiggle room for students. In addition, look below to see all the ways your child can practice when they are not able to be at the keyboard. Your student will have a copy of this sheet and a daily practice log. These materials are also available in Online Resources--look for the Practice Challenge folder. 

50 Days of Practice!

What can I play?

  1. All of this week’s assignment (at least 45 days must include this)
  2. Extra practice for anything tricky
  3. Old pieces that you love
  4. All the scales you know
  5. A new piece you haven’t started yet
  6. Improvise (make it up as you go)
  7. Compose (make it up and write it down)
  8. Work out a tune by ear
  9. Sight read from a book a few levels below your current book
  10. Teach a friend a song or play a duet with a friend

 What about when there’s no piano?

  1. Sing your pieces instead of playing them.
  2. Listen to your pieces (YouTube, my online resources, or Piano Safari )
  3. Have a rhythm clapping challenge with another person.
  4. Practice note naming: 
    1. Flashcards or worksheets from your teacher
    2. NinGenius app for older students (Apple only) (purchase)
    3. Flashnote Derby app for any students (Apple or Android) (purchase).
  5. Play Piano Maestro app using the on-screen keyboard (Apple -free).
  6. Explore Garage Band app (older students) (Apple – free).
  7. Borrow a music theory game and play it with a friend or family.
  8. Write down every dynamic and tempo mark you know and bring to lesson.
  9. Name all the intervals in your pieces.
  10. Learn at least 5 facts about a famous composer.
  11. Learn about music time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic).
  12. Compose music on staff paper. Sing it to yourself to see how it might sound. 
  13. Fun sites: Incredibox ; Classics for Kids ; Rhythm Trainer ; PBS Kids